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    It was recently announced that Larian Studios, creators of the excellent Divinity series of games, will be bringing us Baldur’s Gate 3. I’m more than thrilled for this and it has me wondering what other games people are excited for or have enjoyed playing that owe a great deal to Dungeons and Dragons. It doesn’t have to be as direct as the literal translations of DnD to CRPG, but still, we seem to be in a renaissance of great games inspired by TTRPGs. Have any of these games, new or old, jumped out at you lately.

    Richard MarvinRichard Marvin

    The Elder Scrolls will always be #1 for me.  Especially Morrowind ❤ lol

    Clay ToombsClay Toombs

    I’m excited for Cyberpunk 2077!


    Skyrim is an evil addiction and I can’t wait for the next Elder Scrolls game. Cyberpunk 2077… I’m cautiously excited about, it is a genre that seems tricky to get right.

    AvatarSteve Reed

    Never personally found Elder Scrolls enjoyable, and I liked the concept of fallout but of the recent games, I only really like New Vegas.


    Cyberpunk 2077 I am excited for! Definitely.

    Baldurs Gate I am really excited for as well! I never really played Baldurs Gate 1 or 2, though I may go back and try to do that.

    AvatarC. Adam Ferrer

    The Classics….

    Gold Box Games

    Dungeon Master

    Baldur’s Gate Series

    Lands of Lore


    The New Stuff

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Asgards Wrath

    Baldur’s Gate III


    AvatarC. Adam Ferrer

    Steve, you’ve never played BG!?!?!



    AvatarSteve Reed

    I know, I should have my nerd cred revoked!


    If you liked Fallout New Vegas you’ll be happy to know that Obsidian, the company that made New Vegas, will release its spiritual successor soon. Its a game called The Outer Worlds and looks fabulous.

    AvatarSteve Reed

    Let’s say I wanted to play through Baldurs Gate I and II to prepare for III, and enjoy the experience everyone says is so awesome. I know theres a lot of DLC. What order do I play the games in?

    As I’m reading through this, it seems like theres an expansion pack called Siege of Dragonspear, that takes place between Baldurs gate I and II, and it was only just released in 2016? So thats not needed for the full story? Has anybody played it?


    Im guessing I can go I, Expansion, II, III? But the new Expansion obviously isn’t integral to the story. It seems the old expansions are already rolled into the Enhanced editions, and ready to go. So I guess I’ll just jump into Baldurs Gate I, Enhanced Edition.


    Though I still need to play planescape torment since its the setting for our Federation!

    AvatarC. Adam Ferrer

    The Baldur’s Gate story has already been completed. I doubt the part III will continue with the prior story as it takes place over 100 years after the first two games. I believe it’s more of a marketing ploy than anything else. Like how most of the Final Fantasy games are not related to each other. It’s just another story within the city of Baldur’s Gate.

    If you are going to play through though. I recommend BG1 then BG2 then the xpac Throne of Baal. It’s BG2 when the series starts to shine.


    A number of the characters from the older Baldur’s Gate games should be referenced in 3, but yeah because of the time difference you will not need to have played the older games. I do hear that the enhanced editions are very well done but since I played the original I haven’t really poked them to find out what is or is not the same. I do think I’ll grab the soon to be released Switch port of BG1 and 2, because of portable old school goodness. I would guess that there are some legacy issues in returning to the older games that miiight make them harder to get into, I do recall Neverwinter Nights being a less brutal introduction to CRPGs than the original Baldur’s Gate for what that’s worth.

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