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    Clay ToombsClay Toombs

    Our Meetup’s home is The Guild House game store in Bellflower, CA. Most of our Public Games and Public Events are hosted by The Guild House.  See more at https://www.theguildhousegames.com/

    Keep these things in mind when playing/DMing at The Guild House:

    1. Be respectful and courteous to everyone, especially their other customers and staff!
    2. Reserve your table(s)! Contact The Guild House via email to make sure they have a table for you. The email is on their homepage at the link above.
    3. The Guild House has a new location: 16631 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower CA 90706. Make sure this is the address showing in the Meetup event.
    4. If you are allergic to cats: The Guild House has two friendly cats that like to RPG. So, this might not be the spot for you, or you may need to bring some allergy medication.
    5.  Our Meetup does not charge for participation. However, we support The Guild House by making a donation for the use of their space. If you are able, chip in $2, or make a $5 purchase to The Guild House. If a contribution is difficult for you, no worries at all! We still want you to play, and other folks’ purchases have got you covered.
    6. No swearing/cussing. It’s a family-friendly place. If you say a naughty word, the DM will impose disadvantage on your roll at the worst possible time! And if the DM has a potty mouth, you players can do the same to the DM.
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