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    Would be cool to have a spreadsheet that has what NPC’s we have recruited and extensions we have made to the parlor. Similar to the armory spreadsheets.

    Some of the threads get bogged down with sidebars.

    AvatarSteve Reed

    I think a log of the unlocked NPCs are definitely important to keep, I can start one up or Adam since you are tracking Sigil if you wanted to create one to track all the NPCs we’ve brought back, I’ll leave it up to you

    AvatarC. Adam Ferrer

    I’ll leave the data gathering to you Steve, go ahead and make that NPC spreadsheet. While we’re at it also make a Trophy spreadsheet too.

    Make it editable by the DMs so anyone can add to it. I’ll work on linking the sheets to the website to be publicly view-able. :good:


    Honestly, any and all the quick references will be great as we are trying to keep so many groups and DMs on the same track. NPCs, Items, Major story points cliff notes… other things I’m sure


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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