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    AvatarSteve Reed

    Here’s to our fallen Brother, Human Paladin Gareth whom was slain at level 1 by a Githrezai Zerth deep beneath the city of Sharn in the plane of Eberron.

    His final words were noted down as, “Sorry, I’m a slow learner.”

    Be on the lookout for the yellow skinned humanoid, the federation would like to repay him for his deeds in the future.

    AvatarJames Andrus

    Damn, I should have kept notes on the Goliath Fighter that got gobsmacked by the Minotaur at level 1.  May the two halves of his body find each other on the other side.  The monk who dies, lived, but then turned into a bard so he doesn’t get a send off.



    AvatarSteve Reed

    RIP to Level 3 Human Druid Dongur, whom fell to a Hobgoblin and his Orc Companions in the District of Malleons Gate, within the City of Sharn, on the plane of Eberron.

    He charged headfirst, as a bear, into a magical fog in search of treasure and was repeatedly stabbed by this ninja like hobgoblin.

    His last words were noted as, “*chewbacca noises*”

    Vengeance was had by the Federation members Aethen and Tao, who took his head in revenge, and recovered his dagger and cloak to fill our guild vaults.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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