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    Clay ToombsClay Toombs

    If you are interested in DMing a game through our Meetup, you first need to attend the Meetup as a Player and get to know some of the organizers and members.

    ***Please do not solicit members for private games until you’ve participated in public games with our Meetup group.***

    Once you’ve got the Okay from the organizers, we’ll help you post your Meetup event.

    You’ll need to decide if you want to start your game as a Public Game or Private Game. A Public Game is a great way for you and different players to “try each other out.” Once you have a solid group of regulars, you can make your game Private, and still post it on Meetup to track RSVPs and keep track of the events on the Meetup calendar.

    If your game is PUBLIC you’ll also need to decide whether your game will be a Federation of Adventurers game (and follow all the FoA rules, allowing all the Official D&D content, and granting Stamps for folks to level up and carry their PCs to other Federation games, like our Public Events) or if your game will be Non-Federation (and allow or disallow any Official or home-brew content, but NOT grant Stamps). If your game is PRIVATE it isn’t Federation anymore (Federation games have to allow any member to play, on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to the limit on the number of slots).

    The Subject Line of the Meetup event should read like one of the following:

    Public Game – Federation – Date – Description

    Public Game – NON-Federation – Date – Description

    Private Game – Date – Description

    Again, the Organizers will help you post your game on Meetup. Just contact Clay or one of the other organizers through the Meetup messages.


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