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    Clay ToombsClay Toombs

    If you are interested in playing in a Private Game through our Meetup or DMageddon , you first need to attend Public Games with the Meetup and get to know some of your fellow members.

    ***Please do not ask to join Private Games until you’ve participated in public games with our Meetup group.***

    If you are interested in joining a Private Game, let the Meetup know in this forum. Just post a new topic at the Pick me, pick me! (Players Seeking Private Games) forum (the parent-forum of this post), and tell everyone:

    1. Who — Say a little about yourself, and your experience with RPGs.
    2. What — Tell what type of game you are looking to join.
    3. Where — If you’re willing to host the game at your place, that’s a great way to get into a game! If not, say what part of town you can play in.
    4. When — What days/times you are available to play.
    5. Wow — Show some personality! Tell about your awesome character concept, or just say something fun or funny. Show your fellow members why they should want to play D&D with you.

    Those are just some suggestions. Write what you want, but please DO NOT POST ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, EMAIL ADDRESSES in forum posts. You can send direct messages to each other through DMageddon.


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