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    Are there any rules for changing one’s character? I’m thinking of using a different character but I don’t want to lose my stamp progress. Do I pretend my current character died and just roll up a new character following character death rules?

    AvatarSteve Reed

    What level is your character now?


    Officially, yes. We have rules for starting at level 1 and gaining bonus stats from existing stamps, but its pretty steep. Unoffiially though, you’re new and within the first level or two, I’d probably be fine with just a straight change if you’re not happy with what you have, especially if you’re new to DND because you had no idea what you were getting into!


    Currently my character is level 2 (I’ve got 2 stamps so far). Mostly I want to change because I feel like my character concept would work better in a long-term campaign with a stable DM rather than a series of one-shot adventures. Right now I feel like I’m missing a lot of RP opportunity, and I don’t know if that will change as I reach higher levels.

    Clay ToombsClay Toombs

    Hi Kirpi – I agree with Steve. When I do the “noobs” table, I always tell folks that they can transfer their 1st stamp to a new character. No big deal to go ahead and transfer your 2 stamps to a new character. We want you to play a character that you have fun playing. You are exactly right about the Tuesday games not having lots of opportunity for role-playing, so we totally get why folks might want to run a different character.

    Now, if your character dies, we want to make that hurt a little, so you wouldn’t be able to transfer all your stamps. But in this case, you just want to have more fun and that’s what we want, too.

    Bottom line: go ahead and make up a new character with 2 stamps.  Hope to see you on September 3rd for our next game!

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