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    Just tossing this out into the ether that if anyone is interested in learning Call of Cthulhu or participating in a few one-shots I’m capable of doing that for folks, preferably in a public setting unless it becomes a regular group.

    Edit- I noticed the forum said to ‘pitch’ games, therefore…

    Do you want to play a system without levels? Something you can jump into and is simple to learn? Do you like horror? Do you like highly lethal combat? Do you like RP heavy games and investigation? Call of Cthulhu might be the game for you! It comes in many flavors, from 1920s investigation to modern horror, or even Indiana Jones meets horrors from beyond!

    The classic game has been refined in the 7th edition and I have a number of short games that can be used to teach new players how the game and system works. It’s fun, It’s brutal, it involves trips to the library! Madness is a mechanic and death will happen but without levels, it is easy to jump right back in with a new victim… er character.

    In all seriousness, CoC is a game system I enjoy a great deal and I know how quickly we can become overbooked with games or life gets in the way of all the games we’d like to play, however, CoC a classic second only to D&D in longevity if not name recognition and even without a regular group I’ve had a ton of fun introducing the game to folks. If there’s no interest, I have more free time. If there is interest I get to teach people a TTRPG I love, win-win.



    Im down like a clown charlie brown


    Awesome! For now, I’ll just leave this post will just be a head count of those who might be interested. It runs well with a small group so I’m sure we’ll have enough for a game soon.


    I’m interested if there’s still space!


    Absolutely! Still, just gauging general interest. Though if anyone has a preferred day of the week I can try and accommodate them.


    AvatarJames Andrus

    Sounds fun, depending on the day/frequency I am in :)


    Looking at a Friday night game at my house right now, though there is some flexibility with date and time.


    So there is a date up for a learn to play game on Sunday, June 2nd for Call of Cthulhu. I’m looking to start two things with this event. First, I’d like there to just be a semi-recurring event for people to try and learn or find players for games outside of DnD, hence the RPG discovery title for the session.  Second, I’d personally really like a longer term CoC game given enough interested players and open schedules.


    Thanks to everyone that came out last night. I had a good time and I hope you all did too.

    Those who are interested in visiting the possibility of a longer campaign, please feel free to discuss that with me or other potential players here. I promise I’ll set a firm end time and stick with it for all our sanity, marathon sessions should not be a regular event.

    Those who did not come to June 2nd RPG Discovery game but are interested in experience a Call of Cthulhu one-shot, please feel free to comment as well about your interest.

    And to facilitate those who wish to create their own characters more quickly in future Chaosium’s Autoclac Character Sheet PDF can be found here: and The Dhole’s House offers an online character building tool that you may also take advantage of here:

    For my games, I’d recommend the full autoclac option, as it includes the number tables for Luck and Sanity. Unless otherwise noted all characters should be 7th edition, 1920s with no mythos skill and no skills above 75. Again this is only for those that wish to take on the additional challenge of creating their own character for the game, I have more than enough premade characters to choose from that are more than sufficient for learning to play the game.

    Also of note, the Chaosium website contains a free quickstart rule set, and the solo adventure Alone Against the Flames, in which you can build a character and play a choose your own adventure style game by yourself to learn some of the game mechanics. The quickstart also includes the classic scenario The Haunting, if you’d like to try running your own game.


    I’ve started a google sheets file for people to enter info if they are interested in a longer format game…



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