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Hey players! Is there a game system* you’re dying to try out? Tell us about it and maybe we can get a discovery session going for you.

Game: Starfinder Interested Players: Sarah

Game: Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition (4th ed., Werewolf the Apocalypse)   Interested Players: 

Game: Shadowrun 5th Edition, Anarchy, (Soon to be released 6th Edition)  Interested Players:

Game: Fate Core Interested Players:

Game: Savage Worlds Interested Players:

Game: Modiphius’ 2d20 System (Star Trek Adventures, Conan, John Carter, Mutant Chronicles 3rd ed.) Interested Players:

Game: Fantasy Flight Games Narrative Dice System (Genesys, Star Wars, Legend of the Five Rings) Interested Players:

Game: Pathfinder (Soon to be 2nd edition, DnD’s crunchier cousin)  Interested Players:

Game: GUMSHOE system (*Takes a deep breath* The Esoterroists, Trail of Cthulhu, Ashen Stars, Night’s Black Agents, Mutant City Blues, TimeWatch, Fear Itself)  Interested Players:

Game: Dread Interested Players:

Game: Numenera Interested Players:

Game: ‘System’ Old School Revival** (Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Zweihander, Stars Without Number, White Star)  Interested Players:

*Systems have specific games or closely related games listed after them in parentheses.

**Old School Revival, more typically written as OSR is not so much a system but a family of games made possible by Wizards of the Coast releasing an open gaming license in 2000. They are games based off and tonally similar to the original Dungeons and Dragons game released in 1974, as such one should not expect ‘balance’ in these games but a great deal of engagement between the Game Master and Players