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Samm pulled up a chair and sat down. “Well you guys have quite a setup here. Way different than growing up on the streets.” He chuckled and took a deep breath. “Well my story isn’t really an interesting one, being half-elven I was never really an elf to the elves but never human to the humans so I kind of just stuck to my own path.” As he talked he looked down at  his left hand at the golden band on his ring finger. “That is until I met someone and started a family, but funding a family gets hard without money.”

“So in order to come across some money I used my skills to……ummm……procure items,” he said sheepishly. “And I was pretty good at it too! Mind you I never stole from those less fortunate than me, only from those who probably wouldn’t even notice a trinket or two missing.” “But that all changed when I heard about a big score that could have funded my family for years.”

“Some hot shot was staying in town and word was he had a crazy collection so I decided to take a look for myself.” Samm leaned forward in his chair and took a deep breath before continuing. “It was easy to get past the guards and get into the room which was weird because the room was filled with artifacts! But one in particular caught my eye, it was a golden scimitar. Sooooo, I decided to….hmm… help him with less stuff to dust but when I touched the sword it flashed bright light and in my head I heard a voice!” “It was a women’s voice and she said, ‘I am the goddess Tymora I need your help! If you help me I will grant many riches!'” Samm looked down at the gold scimitar he usually had slung across his back. “I said yes naturally then another bright light flashed and I was in front of my house! I thought it was a dream until I realized one of my eyes is completely gold colored where it was once brown!”

Samm waited for the old man to catch up before continuing, “I guess now I’m in the Federation to use Tymora’s powers for good and to get gold for my family in less illegal ways.”