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AvatarSteve Reed

The small lantern flickers in the corner of the room, casting its light across the wrinkled face of the old man sitting across from you. Between you, lying on the table, his tome is opened to a blank page. Taking his time, he fumbles through his bag clearly looking for something. His eyes digging through the bag, his raspy voice fills the otherwise quiet room.

“Heard you’ve seen some interesting stuff here at the Federation, have you? Why don’t you tell old Rasputin your tales. Cement your legacy here, in our hall of records, for all of time?”

He glancesĀ  up from his pack, withdrawing a long feathery Quill. A moment later, a small waxy figure places a well of ink before him before retreating back into the shadows. He dips the quill, shaking the excess ink off with a finesse that betrays his slow movements, before moving its tip to the page. One eyebrow raised, he leans in, intent to listen.

“Go on. Share your tales with me!”

He grows silent, and waits.


(This is an attempt you get some of the PCs to share some information about their characters, stories you have lived through, exciting moments to share, all through this meetup group. Not everyone gets to play at every table! Share your story! By participating, I will enter you into a raffle of sorts with a chance to win cool prizes, from Gold to Magic Items to Stamps, all during our Tuesday Night meetup sessions!