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The Travelers Crate:

“Seems like it fears intelligence the most” thought Crate as the beholder turned towards him. Luck was with Crate a few moments earlier but such is the nature of the chaotic alignment. If luck were to work all the time it would be law… and aint no one have time for laws.

Crate had a vested intrest in accepting the mission that day. The federation gave crate a ladder towards his ultimate goal. Also the thought of all the souls going into designated crystals? That seems a bit too orderly and forced. That is not the traveler’s will. Death is a chaotic event by nature, with souls going to any number of places and fates. Yes crate would take this mission.

Crate has worked with worked with this team before and they’re not that bad. Halfax, says hes a cleric but hes a rouge in priests clothing and one of the most reliable of the group. Tao, a bit to orderly but honorable for sure. Meat the barbarian, good in a fight and enjoyably chaotic. Plus the symic hybrid, we will see about that one.

As the beholders paralization ray connected with crates form, locking up his body he knew this was a likely outcome. He exposed himself to the beholders wrath to wrap a rope around the crystal so meat can pull it free and take it away. Crate knew he didnt have the brute strength to pull it free from the machinery that held it inplace. He didnt have the time to utilize his skills to free it and the barbarian needed to be behind cover.

A second paralization beam hit crate. The beholder not taking any chances doubled up his efforts to make sure the clearly most dangerous enemy is stoped and assuring the final blow will land.

Crate noticed Huey peering from behind cover. Huey who just ran to Crates aid was the slave that Crate bought and, undisclosed to Huey, crates newest initiate to the traveler’s congregation and personal acolyte.

Then a Flash…, dust, and darkness. As the beholder hit Crate with his most powerfull attack. A disintegration beam. Crates last thoughts were of the traveler. Just moments ago the traveler saved him just long enough to do his task. Now Crates soul is pulled into a world of one color. A red crystals color. Out of the arms of the traveler and into a prison.

Then something happened… the red melted away to an impossible mixture of darkness and light and Crates soul was flung in to it. The green sleeved hand of the traveler reached out to grasp Crate by the shoulder. Unwilling to loose his champion the traveler pulled Crate in another direction. Catapulting him into a more familiar plane of existance.

Crate awoke in darkness and salt water. Jolting from the transfer he felt his new world tip, fall, and shatter. As the clay pot he was in broke apart the salt water washed across the the stone floor. Peering up into his new surroundings he reconized the warehouse he was in. Crate muttered under his breath “Its a good thing I paid for that wizards clone spell…”