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The list has been updated to reflect some of the major titles and systems in Tabletop Roleplaying Games. While it should be obvious I’m personally someone that is interested in how different companies and games have taken on the challenges of creating a TRPG I am by no means an expert and this is by no means a comprehensive list. As I’m writing this I realized I have completely forgotten to include GURPS in the list one of the classic base game systems. Feel free to suggest additions and corrections, as my knowledge of a game or system’s existence does not indicate a detailed understanding, White Wolf’s World of Darkness games are a great example of something I know exist but do not know a great deal beyond the broad strokes (Vampire the Masquerade, etc.).

This list is not intended to be intimidating to new players, nor a demand for gameplay outside of DnD. It is meant to simply inform those who might be interested in different TRPGs what options they might have and who else would be interested in joining them. You are encouraged to look anything and everything up online, it’s an interesting and massive world of TRPGs out there.