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AvatarSteve Reed

Let’s say I wanted to play through Baldurs Gate I and II to prepare for III, and enjoy the experience everyone says is so awesome. I know theres a lot of DLC. What order do I play the games in?

As I’m reading through this, it seems like theres an expansion pack called Siege of Dragonspear, that takes place between Baldurs gate I and II, and it was only just released in 2016? So thats not needed for the full story? Has anybody played it?


Im guessing I can go I, Expansion, II, III? But the new Expansion obviously isn’t integral to the story. It seems the old expansions are already rolled into the Enhanced editions, and ready to go. So I guess I’ll just jump into Baldurs Gate I, Enhanced Edition.


Though I still need to play planescape torment since its the setting for our Federation!