AvatarSteve Reed

Cool! So Tyler ran a one shot if I remember, so there won’t be a direct continuation of the story next time. But, since you only have 1, and they function as a pair, go ahead and hold onto it for now. Perhaps another DM will pick up that story thread in another session with you!


As far as how it goes, sometimes we have entirely self contained adventures that begin and end in the same night. Sometimes people run games that span a few weeks, and hope for the same players to come back again. Me, I’ve been running the same world since the beginning of the season, and just peppering in different stories in different places, but in reality its all one big shared game amongst all the players! So, theres no real hard and fast rule for how it works, that just depends on the DMs themselves : )


Hopefully I can run a table for you, and we can explore the mysterious half of the sending stone pairs together!