Session 5

Land of the Lost

Whelsen, Quen’Pillar 1st

The party continues it’s search for the cure. They end up finding a wight who seemingly runs the place. Luckily Halindoor successfully deceives the undead that they’re there to help him with his work. In turn Ferol asks that the party get rid of the golem in the next room over so he can put that room into use as the golem has been on a rampage and was locked in. Ferol gives them the key to the door and the party succeeds in killing the golem.

They open the door to the room that supposedly has the antidote. The half room has given away to the ocean. After defeating the giant crabs within the party find the chest sunken beneath the water and secure the 20 doses. The group spends the night in the golem room without being disturbed.

Conthsen, Quen’Pillar 2nd

Next morning the group realizes the zombies outside have returned. They find that the zombies won’t trouble anyone wearing the Aeorean robes. The party changes, shuffle robes around and after a small discussion about exploring the rest of the lab they ultimately decide to leave.

The party treks back to Syrinlya, on the way they find a lost scholar named Talos whose entire expedition perished. Originally from Balenpost he was lost, the party offers him accompaniment back to Syrinlya.

Miresen, Quen’Pillar 6th

With civilization in sight, the party arrives back to Syrinlya. They give 14 doses to “The Buyer” who transports them back to Palebank. The party receives 250 gold in return. As Talos makes preparations to return to Rexxentrum, Halindoor is interested to go north to the settlement of Ten-Towns where the expedition was originally headed. Talos asks the party if he can accompany them as he wants to continue his research. The party plans to travel northwest in search for adventure.