Ivar’s Journal Entry 1

Ivar, Fessuran 15th – 20th

Ivar is not goliath of many Common words. But Ivar’s friend, Urgon Wenth, teach Ivar how to make map and keep record of travel. This help much and Ivar miss his friend Urgon so Ivar keep record for new group. They are strange people. The elf, Aithorn, is most strange because they love everything, maybe too much. Half-Elf, Hal, is two people in one body. Ivar has seen this before but still strange. Jackdaw is just normal human. Funny but less strange than others. Orc, Akoako, is not strange… is good to have in fight.

This is good group for mission. Save people, save children, and kill whatever cause sickness. Ivar can do this. Do this for Urgon. Never been to Eiselcross though so will be ready for fight. Sharpen my axe every day. I am ready.

Boats almost as stupid as fish people.