New tokens and my setup

Created new tokens for the party tonight. Looks good, unlike minis, no money was spent so if they die before level 5 we should be good!

Here is the setup I use for my online games. Yes, that’s a lot of monitors. I’ve been hoarding monitors for years, some of those are ten plus years old. I’m currently using EncounterPlus for my virtual tabletop. Most use Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds, but I wanted something that i can use as easily in person and online without changing my style of play or needing to move content to one VTT to another.

For chat we all use discord and I use the TS3MusicBot for music and ambiance, this give me the ability to play directly from my media list or chrome tabs so in person play again nothing changes in terms of the tools I use. All this is running off the Macbook Pro 16 inch.

We play every Friday night starting around 6:30pm. We rotate three DMs on a three week schedule soon to be four, this allows for us to not burn out and prepare our story arcs in a timely manner. We’ve recorded a few sessions but only for our own benefit. Once the lockdown is over I will most likely pause this campaign and then start Curse of Strahd which I am really excited for.

If anyone has any questions feel free to drop me a line.