Session 2

“Do it for the kids”

Grissen, Fessuran 15th

The ragtag group of adventurers wake up the next morning refreshed and energized. They head to Croaker Cave as planned. At the entrance they get ambushed by a giant ice toad. With Jackdaw almost perishing, the party survives the encounter only to be greeted by a dwarven bandit asking the party what they want. Jackdaw convinces the bandit that they just want to talk and help those sick.

The party speaks to Hulil, Tulgi’s sister and bandit leader. She suspects that the two seemingly empty vials are the source of the disease. She also tells the party that she sold the other vial to a traveling merchant who was on the way to Palebank Village. The party confiscates the vial leaving the rest of Urgon’s treasures with the bandits so they can afford to leave the Crystalsands Tundra and find a cure on their own.

The party then heads back to Palebank fortunately avoiding any encounters in the tundra. Aithorn goes to pay Turgon a visit as he missed his appointment from the day before. Jackdaw and the others head to the inn to look for the merchant family. They find Irven and Fenton with their two daughters, Honor and Magic. The party gives the couple the bad news. Fenton and Irven gives the vial to them, which they then seal in a jar. They vow to help the family.

They then travel to Elor’s cabin and give him the news. Elor pays the party the promised reward for finding out the cause and asks them to stick around so he can do some research of his own and asks them to come back later in the evening. During the downtime the party has dinner, Haldinoor pays Fenton and Irven a visit and retrieves a book from them.

They go back to Elor as he has new information for the party. The fridgid woe it is called and maybe they can find a cure to it from the place that Urgon was last exploring. Elor offers them two hundred gold to go to Eiselcross, retrace Urgon’s steps and come back with the cure in hoping to save those sick.