The setup is coming along.

Normally I used a pico projector in the past to display my maps and images on the table. I have a light reflecting screen which I place a polycarbonate film over it to keep it flat.

Plenty of room as we use a covered pool table in the game room to play.

As you can see, the whole thing looks great. The maps and images look like they’re a part of the table itself like a window into another world. The cables are hooked in the ceiling so nothing gets in the way. For when I take my setup to other places, I use a light stand to hold the pico projector in place.

However, it wasn’t perfect. During the night it looked fantastic but right above the pool table is a skylight that I can’t cover or close. In the daylight the projector gets washed out and hard to see as the diffused sunlight during the day shines directly on the pool table.

Closer shot of the projector screen itself.

Only one way to get a better picture was to use a bright LED TV. So I bought a 43 inch Samsung. Obviously it’ll need a case so it can lay down. I found various builders but they were using specific TVs. I found but they didn’t respond to my order request. See, I wanted specifically this Samsung because it has built in AirPlay, the less wires the better and I wanted a bright 4k screen. Luckily for me, I found out a coworker of mine is a woodworker and he’s now in the process of building me something great! More to come.

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