Pulbic Games on Hiatus

IMPORTANT – Public Games on Hiatus due to Corona-virus

  • All Public Games for our Meetup are cancelled and on Hiatus until health officials recommend resumption of social gatherings.
  • Private Games may or may not continue at the discretion of their hosts, DMs, and players.
  • We encourage Members to set up roll20 and other online games, and to share their PS4, XBox, and Steam info so you can keep gaming. Join our Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/bQNSXBZ
  • Stay in touch with each other and your friends and family however you can, to stay happy and connected through this crisis.
  • If you are financially able, remember to support local businesses like The Guild House as they’ll be suffering. Buy some minis to paint or books to read.
  • If you need help, lean on your friends from the Meetup. Clay’s contact info is at the end of this message.

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