Curse of Strahd House Rules

Campaign Expectations

  • These rules were created to accommodate a grittier, horror filled campaign.
  • DM Calls for ALL rolls – Do not roll unless the DM calls for it first.
  • Levels – Starts at level one and will go as high as thirteen.

House Rules for Character Creation

  • Hosted Characters – All characters must be hosted on D&D Beyond.
  • Allowed Sources – PHB + 1 book at 1st level
    • Must choose at the start of Campaign add to your notes for DM awareness.
    • Applies to races/classes/subclasses/backgrounds.
    • Does NOT apply to Feats.
    • UA content is NOT allowed.
  • Starting HP – Max HP at 1st level per PHB, after 1st, must roll, if player gets lower than the class’s average, the player can opt to take the average.
  • Starting Stats – Point buy or Standard array only, PHB 13
  • Starting Level – Level 1 at campaign beginning.
  • Starting Traits – Must use personality traits and flaws. You can make up your own with DM approval.
  • Backstory – Please provide a backstory so the DM may incorporate it in the game. Knife theory is a great tool to use but not necessary.

Other House Rules, combat etc.

  • Flanking Optional Rule in play– Modification: Rather than giving advantage, it gives +2 attack bonus if directly across. +1 if not.
  • Healing Potion – Can use a bonus action to use healing potions, must roll. Use an action to use healing potions, max healing.
  • Spells – Remove Curse will not work in this campaign setting.
  • Dying and Death – Death is different in Barovia and other things may happen if you die, this is a warning. All other PHB resurrection rules apply.
    • Player rolls death saving throws blind, stays secret.
    • Character’s who drop to 0 hp gain a level of exhaustion.
  • Skill Checks – When helping someone, you must have proficiency in that skill.
  • Critical Fumbles – No critical fumbles, unless you hear the DM says “Just don’t roll a one” prior to the roll.
  • Critical Hits (applies to attack rolls only)
    • Natural 20 always hits, target must make a Constitution saving throw DC 12.
      • Failed save – Do max damage then roll all damage dice again. Add modifiers and then add both totals.
      • Success save – Do critical hit damage per PHB 196
  • Passive Perception/Investigation/Insight are being used; it is NOT a floor for active rolling.
  • Inspiration – When gaining inspiration, you roll a D6 and can bank points up to 10, can use points in two ways.
    • After the roll spend points to influence your own dice rolls on a 1:1 basis. Can’t enforce a natural 20.
    • After the roll Spend points to influence the DM’s rolls on a 2:1 basis. Doesn’t work on natural 20s.
    • Characters must be present to spend points.
  • Rests – Players must doff their armor to gain benefits of a long rest. Those on watch are considered wearing their armor.
  • Other Reminders
    • Spell casting rules being enforced (reagents and costs)

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