Federation Announcement: End Game


We have heard many of you wondering aloud within our walls, asking what the whole purpose of our Federation actually was. Were we just dimension hopping treasure hunters? Or perhaps we had a deeper meaning, a directive unknown to all except for Fell in his incomprehensible mind, pawns in some greater scheme.

It appears to be a little of both. As many of you know, Fell is a Dabu, whom are in service to the Lady of Pain herself. What we have recently learned is that Fell was cast down long ago from her Service, for doing that which is most unwelcome in Sigil: Worship.

Fell worshipped his god, Aoskar, god of portals. When the lady of Pain found out, she not only destroyed and banished Aoskar to realms beyond our reach, but also cast our beloved Fell out of her graces. That was long before any of us were alive, and before the federation was even a thought in Fell’s brain.

Recently, adventurers exploring the plane of Eberron have found a remnant of Aoskar: his eyeball, an identical copy of the one we also have mounted above our shared portal. They are currently on a quest, from Fell himself, to find Aoskars trapped body there within that realm. Once found, we can rescue him, and fulfill Fells promise to his god.

Luckily, we were able to retrieve an object Fell himself found and put into hiding decades ago: an eyeball enchanted to put us into the Lady of Pains blindspot. So long as we continue to keep the stone with us, she will be unable to see exactly what we are up to, giving us just enough of a window to pull this off.

Until they have succeeded in their quest, the rest of the Federation must stay on high alert, as we may be called into action at a moments notice.

Stay Strong, adventurers.

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