Off To War!

By Dorius Del Davandi

The drums of war beat again, fellow citizens. Breland faces threat on its western coast, as Darguun mobilized against us. Constant raids into the nearby borders have left many families dead, with a few missing (presumed taken as slaves back to Darguun).

King Boranel has called for all able bodied men to report for service, and has reached out to our allies for support. He wants a strong show of force at the border, and stresses he wants to find a peaceful resolution. But it’s clear to us that War is on the way.

Rumors have come this way of the wild magic going on in the Darguun wildlands, including talks of a never-ending storm. It may be best for us to strike now, before whatever they are doing gains power. We will see what King Boranel decides.

Back at home, in Sharn, things have never been better. While the streets are empty, as our young men ship off to the border, the increase in police crackdown have left crime at an all time low! Without the Boromar around to fund drugs and weapons, and with the Cyre refugees leaving for New Cyre as their king calls, our once great city has moved back closer to greatness!

Big thanks to watch commander Harkins for the crackdown!

Make Breland Great Again!

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