Our Final Stand: The Federation Needs You

We find ourselves in a unique position. We have uncovered a plot, which itself threatens the entire multiverse as a whole. Somebody has been capturing departed souls, and we think storing them within some sort of conduit. This explains why we have been having trouble dealing with resurrection magic, for the soul has been stolen and unable to return to the body.

Fell is currently trying to find the location of these gems. Through fate, or just dumb luck, they seem to be aligned within the realms we have strong portal ties to. We are still trying to finish the divination to know exactly where we need to strike, but alas strike we must.

We need to quickly acquire these gems, and return them to Fell. He can destroy them, and release the souls trapped within, reversing the effects and freeing all whom were stuck. But it falls to you, our members, to risk your lives to save the multiverses.

The Federation needs you. More than that, the multiverse needs you. Will you stand with us? Be warned, we are surely not the only person seeking out the conduits. Somebody who created them most assuredly has left them strongly guarded and protected. It will take every ounce of heroics we have, allies we have recruited, and items we have acquired for us to even stand a chance.

Prepare yourselves, for the stand of our lives.

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